After the 0.8 version of dropbox you are able to change the dropbox icons on the panel. There is easy steps for this. Firstly you must update dropbox with the experimental one. Steps for this;

System>Administration>Software Sources>Third Party

Add this line;

–> deb ./ #dbupdate

–> Add the key from from the authentication part of the software sources

–> sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dbupdate

After restart dropbox will autostart the update and get the new icons.

Faenza Icons have its own mono icons for dropbox.

Now how to change part manually;

Download some awesome icon set from the link;

This have a two new set and default set for the backup. Both colorful and awoken ones are very sweet.


Now simply go to home folder

press ctrl+h to view hidden files

search for .dropbox-dist folder

paste into icon folder

and that is all !