Before upgrading, i only recommend, removing macbuntu, because the only problem was with it, i could not uninstall it from the script, but this is not a big problem, you can set up 2.3 version directly from the Moreover, about this problem, some problem occurs at the compiz minimize effect, it does not seem like mac minimize effect. I shut down the animations and activate minimize&maximize effect and it worked than the lucid.

I used the offical web to use the way to upgrade and it is easy to move on, like this;

  1. Open Software Sources (System → Administration → Software Sources) and select the Updates tab.
  2. Under Release upgrade, make sure that Normal releases is selected and click Close.
  3. Open the Update Manager (System → Administration → Update Manager), click Check and enter your password if prompted. Wait for the list of available updates to be downloaded.
  4. If a new version of Ubuntu is available, a box at the top of the window will appear saying that a new distribution release is available.
  5. To upgrade to the latest release, save all of your open documents and click the Upgrade button in the Update Manager.