After Ubuntu 10.10

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There is very well prepared post from omgubuntu and webupd8 which is very useful to customize and reconfigure the settings after a new install or upgrade from ubuntu 10.04

From OmgUbuntu about customization, dock, new icons, effects and global menu

From Webupd8 about useful commands which are useful to apply new packages, settings and configurations.



New Faenza Icons for Firefox,Pidgin,Picasa and Covergloobus

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Download the folder from;

If you do not know how to i will explain shortly;

–> Right click to the gnome menu

–> Edit Menus

–> Find the application you will replace

–> 1 click to the app and find properties menu from the right colums

–> Click on the icon on the opened menu and locate your new icon.

That is All !

New Monochrome Icons for Pino, Hotot, Covergloobus (With Installations)

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Firstly, if you do not use covergloobus, you must because it is a nice application showing covers, lyrics etc with a delicious performance. I will put a screenshot about covergloobus and both mono item in this post. But first of all, lets move into covergloobus installation then we will change the tray icons for mono panels. (I am using dark icons on light panel with equinox evolution light controls)

Add these lines;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gloobus-dev/covergloobus

sudo apt-get install covergloobus


You can see from this link both the beauty of covergloobus and mono tray icons.

It is useful to say before giving details about icons, they are original made icons regarding application but i like to use them for them and i choose the close ones.

Download this link;

Firstly with the covergloobus;

Put the covergloobus icon in the folder usr/shared/covergloobus/images with your root password using gksudo nautilus.

Secondly, Pino Twitter Application Tray Icons;

I adapted these icons from woofie adium icons but i think they are so sweet for pino.

Replace the icons in the folder usr/shared/pixmaps with the new ones. if you are using different theme than move that icons in the folder usr/shared/icons .. not yet finished and search for your theme, and put the icons in the status folder generally they are in 22*22. If you could not leave a comment. You can see mine from screenshot.

Third one is Hotot, you can see also alternative icon in the previous hotot post but i know prefer this icon because it suits more but it does not matter choose the one you liked. Previous post is here which you can also find the details about how to change the tray icon;

Hotot Twitter Application with a Mono Tray Icon

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Hotot app. is a good looking, lightweight twitter application that i recently tried from the latest news of omgubuntu. Liked it. Fast and customizable application. Change its tray icon with the turpial mono icon which is;

Put this icon in the folder usr/share/pixmaps (go there with the gksudo nautilus command from alt+f2)


How to set up with a ppa support;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hotot-team

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hotot

Start-Here Custom Menu Ubuntu Icons

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Refering to this post i uploaded ubuntu icons for your main gnome menu. The icons are taken from awoken icon set.

The download link is below;

Jdownloader Icon for Equinox Evolution Light

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Jdownloader icon is giving some problem with the theme you are applying because it puts background color to the transparent icons. If you want it to look like compatible with your panel you must apply same background color with it. I did one for myself that is 24*24 and i am using equinox evolution light controls in my theme. When putting this icon in the folder /home/.jdownloader/jd/logo and replace with the old one your panel will be compatible again with jdownloader.

Emesene – Windows Live Messenger Alternative (With Mono Tray Icons)

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Ubuntu has lots of multi platform chat client but if you are looking for msn alternative, emesene is absolutely best one. Installation is easy;

sudo apt-get install emesene

If you are using light panel with dark icons like me, you are searching for mono theme for it it is also easy to replace.

–> Download;

–> Move the folder to the usr/share/emesene/themes (after writing to the terminal gksudo nautilus)

–> Choose emesenemonochrome theme from the preferences/themes of the emesene.

That is All !

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