Bisigi Project for Ubuntu Themes

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Bisigi themes are good-looking and continuos project for ubuntu eyecandy. There a lot of alternatives that each themes may use different icon set, wallpapers etc. If you like to mix the themes you can find a lot of useful things to dig into.

Add PPA;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bisigi/ppa && sudo apt-get update

Install All Themes;

sudo apt-get install bisigi-themes

Choose what theme you want to install;

sudo aptitude install aquadreams-theme (Aqua Dreams)
sudo aptitude install  ubuntu-sunrise-theme (Ubuntu Sunrise)
sudo aptitude install bamboo-zen-theme (Bamboo-Zen)
sudo aptitude install step-into-freedom-theme (Step into Freedom)
sudo aptitude install tropical-theme (Tropical)
sudo aptitude install exotic-theme (Exotic)
sudo aptitude install balanzan-theme (Balanzan)
sudo aptitude install wild-shine-theme (Wild Shine)
sudo aptitude install infinity-theme (Infinity)
sudo aptitude install showtime-theme (Showtime)
sudo aptitude install orange-theme (Orange)
sudo aptitude install ellanna-theme (Ellanna)
sudo aptitude install airlines-theme (Airlines)
sudo aptitude install eco-theme (Eco)
During installation, It asks you to choose resolution for wallpaper so be prepared if it is 4:3 or 16:9
For further information and preview, visit the page of the project;

Mac Emulation for Ubuntu (Macbuntu)

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Macbuntu is a very practical way to turn your ubuntu into a MacOSX apperance and flow. The compiz effects, gnome global menu is coming with it automatically and install a lot of customization packs like google chrome, firefox, login etc. Methods are easy. The codes you must enter to the terminals are;

wget -O /tmp/Macbuntu-10.04.tar.gz

tar xzvf /tmp/Macbuntu-10.04.tar.gz -C /tmp

cd /tmp/Macbuntu-10.04/


This is for the version 2.0. You must follow this link for the updates. Also visit gnome-look page for further information.


Update for Maverick Meerkat;

Just download the file from;


Just go into downloaded folder with cd command with the terminal

Example; cd /home/(your username)/Downloads/Macbuntu-10.10

just type;


to uninstall just type again in the same folder;



Equinox GTK Engine

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Equinox Themes are both good-looking, stable and light themes related to others, in my opinion. I prefer equinox themes with different variations. It uses faenza icon set which is popular in ubuntu world. It has ppa support also which is big advantage for being updated. The theme also uses mono icons for gnome panel which is very suitable with white panels mostly.

For further details, you can visit gnome-look page.

Open the terminal and paste the following lines;


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-equinox equinox-theme equinox-ubuntu-theme